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Reverse jet filters have become very popular in the past 20 years to help remove dust from many types of industrial plants. They help separate straw and dust from the pneumatic air stream and by adding a suction fan which is a higher capacity than any blower in the hammer mill, they help create a suction in the transport ductwork instead of pressure, and thereby greatly reducing dust particles.

The filter is a self-cleaning fine particulate filter which acts to separate the airborne dust fines from air produced earlier in the production process. The combined dust and air is sucked into the vessel and filtered through the filter media allowing clean air to be piped outside and the dust to be deposited via a rotary valve to the final dust collection point.

These units come complete with filter media, compressed air reservoir, self-manage timers to clear the filtration media and human access doors for maintenance.

Each filter is specified based on the amount of production required and we offer sizes to suit all applications and optional suction fans.

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