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All Hampshire equipment is made from high quality, durable materials that withstand corrosion and abrasion, are long lasting, easy to use and hygienic for better health i.e polyethylene (PE) and stainless steel.

The System Basics

The system begins with a feed tank mounted on three weigh cells. Liquid and dry feed are added to the tank in pre-determined portions. A pipeline from the feed tank runs around the pig houses and returns to the feed tank. In each pig pen there is a feeding trough. An automatic valve is fitted off the pipeline onto each trough.

Pig House

Feed Tanks

A feed pump within the tank pumps the feed around the pipeline. As each valve is opened the feed trough in the pig pen is filled. Once the correct amount of feed has been delivered the valve is closed. Once all the pigs have been fed the system shuts down.

  • Available in three sizes: 1,000, 2000 & 4,000 Litre.
  • Our feed tanks are round to ensure thorough feed mixing and to prevent feed collecting and going stale in corners.
  • Tanks are made from a strong, hygienic, non-corrosive one piece polyethylene (PE) plastic.
  • Feed pumps are made from high grade Stainless Steel.
  • The pumps have an oil lubricated, maintenance free seal with twin impeller design that agitates the feed when pumping.
  • The pump provides a unique agitation action that allows uniform particle distribution throughout the mix.
  • Both pipeline and valves are made from plastic (PVC) for durability and hygiene.
  • Made from Stainless Steel the flow-mixer has a unique, no moving parts, mixing system that blends the feed ingredients together as they enter the tank.
  • The simple to use controllers are modular.
  • Various modules are available with software for specific feeding tasks.
  • Controllers can be operated via touch screen panel, PC or remote PC via the internet.
  • The Hampshire feed troughs have been designed after extensive research into pig behaviour during feeding.
  • The troughs are corrosion and wear resistant and have no sharp corners or edges.
  • With smooth lines for hygiene the troughs have no hidden areas to trap rotting feed.
  • Pigs cannot get into the troughs, maximising hygiene and minimising waste.
  • The troughs are of zig zag design for double sided feeding.

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Our team of experts here at Danagri-3S are always on hand should you have any questions regarding our Hampshire feeding systems or what we can do for you & your business.

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