• In-Bin Grain Drying and Stirrer MachinesIn-Bin Grain Drying and Stirrer MachinesIn-Bin Grain Drying and Stirrer MachinesIn-Bin Grain Drying and Stirrer MachinesIn-Bin Grain Drying and Stirrer Machines

Drying grain in-bin can be a significantly lower investment compared to a grain drier, it is a cheaper form of drying and gives you up to 1500 tonnes of storage too. This is achieved because one bin can be used for storage AND drying at the same time.

Dependent upon the silo diameter, a GSI/DMC stirrer will usually move all of the grain at least 3 times in a 24 hour period. This stirrer auger moves gently through the grain and helps give much better air flow and use of heat throughout the silo. Using our temperature control system you can easily take out over 2% of moisture per day from the whole of the silo on feed wheats. It is a simple process to use and our customer consistently tell us it is the cheapest way of drying grain.

  • 1500 tonne stirred – 60’ silo
  • 1200 tonne stirred – 54’ silo
  • 1000 tonne stirred – 48’ silo 
  • 700 tonne stirred – 42’ silo
  • 500 tonne stirred – 36’ silo
  • 375 tonne stirred – 30’ silo

  • Centrifugal fans for greater efficiency
  • Range from 5 -50hp
  • Vapour gas heaters with modulating valve
  • Quiet & reliable

  • Stirring system for Wheat, Barley, OSR, Oats, etc.
  • Ensures consistent air flow for even moisture content.
  • For silos up to 60’ (18m) diameter
  • Efficient use of heat
  • Cheapest cost per tonne for drying
  • Manufactured for over 50 years

  • UK manufacture
  • Built to individual needs and specifications
  • Temperature selector for different crops
  • Modulating temperature controller
  • Mimic display to show all controls
  • Hours run indicator

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