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 MAFA LOGOMAFA Unik is a Swedish made silo available in three models made from aluzinc coated sheet steel which combines the corrosion resistance properties of both aluminum and zinc all backed up by a 10-year Factory warranty against rusting.Staying bright throughout its life, with excellent heat resistance.

The key feature of a MAFA feed silo is that the contents are emptied in the same order in which they were filled, enabling the product to create a uniform structure within the silo. Emptying takes place through mass flow, which means First in- First out. This particular filling / emptying action employed in the MAFA silo minimizes the separation of the materials within. Ventilation via large cyclone mounted on top avoids condensation spoiling the product inside.

This Swedish company was founded back in 1958 by Gusten Anderson. Since 1978 Mats Anderson has been at its helm and during this time its developed into a company with extensive experience and traditions of silo manufacturing and material hanlding. MAFA is today the market leader in Sweden of feed silos with more than 50% of the production now being exported worldwide. However one thing that's unchanged since 1958, MAFA still offers simple but ingenious solutions for storage and handling of bulk goods. Danagri-3s is now able to offer the MAFA  range in the UK.

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Overall diameter ∅1.89m Holding capacity (HC) is based on 650kg m3

  • UNS6 Hight 5,33m Volume 6.3t  (HC) 4.1kg m3
  • UNS9 Hight 6.29m Volume 8.9t  (HC) 5.8kg m3
  • UNS12 Hight 7.25m Volume 11.5t (HC) 7.5kg m3
  • UNS14 Hight 8.21m Volume 14.1t (HC) 9.2kg m3

Overall diameter ∅2.35m Holding capacity (HC) is based on 650kg m3

  • UN12 Hight 6.52m Volume 12t (HC) 7.8kg m3
  • UN17 Hight 7.72m Volume 17.1t (HC) 11.1kg m3
  • UN22 Hight 8.92m Volume 22.3t (HC) 14.5kg m3
  • UN27 Hight 10.12mVolume 27.5t (HC) 17.9kg m3
  • UN33 Hight 11.32m Volume 32.6t (HC) 21.2kg m3
  • UN38 Hight 12.52m Volume 37.8t (HC) 24.6kg m3

 Overall diameter ∅3.13m Holding capacity (HC) is based on 650kg m3

  • UNB25 Hight 7.91m   Volume 24.6t (HC) 16.0kg m3
  • UNB34 Hight 9.11m   Volume 33.8t (HC) 22.0kg m3
  • UNB43 Hight 10.31m Volume 42.9t (HC) 27.9kg m3
  • UNB52 Hight 11.51m Volume 52.1t (HC) 33.9kg m3
  • UNB61 Hight 12.71m Volume 61.3t (HC) 39.8kg m3
  • UNB70 Hight 13.91m Volume 70.4t (HC) 45.8kg m3
  • UNB80 Hight 15.11m Volume 79.5t (HC) 51.7kg m3
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