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Danagri-3S Ltd are UK agents for Jema Agro A/S from Denmark. Jema started production of chain elevators back in 1945 and now offer an extensive range of intake conveyors, belt & bucket elevators, chain & flight conveyors, belt conveyors, automated floor store equipment and accessories for transporting grain, granulates, meals and other bulk materials. All machines are galvanised, of modular construction and are driven by reliable direct drive motors. 

  • Capacities of 25 – 225tph
  • Farm and commercial models
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel
  • Modular design – simple assembly
  • 30, 45 and 90 degree bends available
  • Self-emptying design
  • Intake lengths up to 20m
  • Side auger delivery options
  • 6 models, capacities from 5 – 225tph
  • Farm and commercial models
  • Modular design – simple assembly
  • Standard or oil resistant belt
  • Feeds into down leg or up leg
  • Back stop as standard
  • Standard heights from 2 – 28m
  • Wide range of accessories
  • 6 models, capacities from 20 – 225tph
  • Farm and commercial models
  • Modular design – simple assembly
  • Models T44/45 can be used at any angle
  • Models T49/57/300 up to 30 degrees
  • Intermediate outlets, electric or manual
  • Rubber or plastic carriers
  • Optional 8mm PEHD wear plate
  • 2 models, capacities from 20 – 60tph
  • Can combine vertical and horizontal transport
  • 45, 55 or 90 degree bends available
  • Can be used at any angle
  • Modular design – simple assembly
  • Rubber carriers for gentle transportation
  • Side delivery augers can be fitted
  • For meals, pellets, grains, granulates

Belt conveyors are the modern way of filling a floor store, they offer a gentle handling as goods are carried instead of being pushed, you can move higher capacities with less power and the tripper carriage means you can offload all the way along the belt and get more product in your building. Ideal for automatically filling a store after your drier.

  • 5 models, capacities from 25 – 300ph
  • Troughed profile in conveying section
  • Supports rollers every 0.5m
  • Adjusters in both drive and end sections
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Modular design – simple assembly
  • Optional electric winch for tripper
  • Large range of options

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Jema are Europe’s market leader in floor store automated filling equipment, their first systems in the UK were installed as long ago as 1980. The systems allow you to level fill all across the store or in selected bunkered areas.
The main central belt conveyor feeds off to an auger or reversible belt conveyor underneath which distributes side to side across the store. Options include sonar depth control, electric winches, suspension brackets and everything to make a system fully automatic.

  • 3 models, capacities from 50 – 150ph
  • Fills stores to their optimum capacity
  • Two versions of cross conveyor, auger or belt
  • Can be used with full width building or split building with air tunnel
  • System allows for layer drying
  • System allows better air distribution through grain
  • Range of control panels with different features
  • Auto start of fans, temp sensors, alarms & reports
  • Internet connection for PC, tablet or mobile phone

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