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The SKIOLD Transpork cable and disc system was designed initially for the transport of dry feed out to feed pens and thousands of metres of the system have now been sold all over the world. Systems simply consist of a drive unit, 90 degree bends and galvanized tube through which the cable and disc runs.  Due to its simple, compact and quiet operation, it has also become popular in many other markets like transport of flour, pellets, dust, granules in the brewing, baking, plastics and many other diverse industries.

At the heart of the system is a steel cable that has been coated and covered with a strong rubber alloy between the discs. This coating ensures that the oil within the cable does not dry out, therefore it is kept strong and supple. The system uses a series of large diameter 90 degree corner units to move the cable around the feed system. One drive unit can have many inlets and multiple outlets.

The system is available in two sizes, 50 & 60mm diameter for moving up to 2100kg /hr but the big benefit is that it can drive up to 500 metres long on light materials with just a 0.75kw motor.

  • Reliable, proven system with long life
  • 50mm & 60mm diameter systems
  • Rubber coated wire, plastic Discs
  • Capacity 400kg – 2100kg/hr
  • Systems up to 500m long
  • Metering inlet hoppers
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

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