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Safety when working at heights has always been important, but big advances have been made in recent years to the strengths and recommendations for towers, catwalks and ancillary equipment.

We can offer different sizes and heights of towers with either spiral stairs or vertical ladders. Towers can either be with 4x legs as end supports or with 2x legs as intermediate supports with side braces.

We can offer trussed walkways from 700mm wide to full catwalks and conveyor supports of up to 2.0m wide with options of service platforms, rest platforms, top platforms, all in galvanized finish.

Whether you need towers and platforms to go over silos, support frames for elevators & conveyors or a Grain Pump / Chain Loop type system, we have the answers.

  • 2 & 4 leg towers up to 25m high
  • Optional ladder and safety cages
  • 4x different size service platforms
  • Catwalks 700, 1320 or 1900 wide
  • Combined catwalk and conveyor support
  • Fully galvanized
  • Span lengths up to 12m
  • Extensions for the sides of silos

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