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For many years, SKIOLD have manufactured the renowned Maximat range of pig feeders for dispensing and mixing dry feed and liquid. They also have a mini feeder aimed at stock from piglets to weaner which can dispense milk or pre starter dry feed.

Complementing the sow’s feeding, this milk and starter dispenser makes it possible to improve and homogenize the weight of the pigs while preserving the health and the good state of the sow.

  • Each hopper holds up to 70 litres of feed
  • Control for opening has 25 increments
  • Simple and solid construction
  • 40 finishers or 60 growers per feeder
  • Can be used for pellets or meal
  • Water supply connection – 8mm
  • Necessary water pressure 2.5-3 bar 

The SKIOLD floor feeder for untethered sows, gilts and porkers is used as an integrated part of the feeding systems. The feeder is made of profiled, galvanised steel plates in order to keep its construction as firm as possible under all circumstances.

The feeder is normally fed by our Transpork cable & disc system at approximately 1.8m above floor level, the 2-winged bottom shutter then ensures an equal distribution of feed to all the animals in the pen at the same time.

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