• Proportioners & Dosing systemProportioners & Dosing systemProportioners & Dosing systemProportioners & Dosing systemProportioners & Dosing system

Accurate dosing of micro ingredients is essential for the welfare of the stock and to ensure efficient use of expensive components and/or medications. SKIOLD manufacture a range of proportioning machines that will give a high static weighing accuracy, deal with difficult to flow materials and will minimise residues. Construction is often of a modular build offering either the facility to lengthen the weigh bin and allow a greater range of ingredients to be used or to add extra holding bins.

  • For the accurate inclusion of micro-components.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Mounted on its own load cells.
  • Works on ‘loss in weight’ principle.
  • Static weighing accuracy of +/- 25 grams.
  • Base unit takes up to 3 x 30 litre dosing bins.
  • Built in agitators.
  • Several different systems
  • Larger plant for use with tote bags
  • For the accurate inclusion of pre-mix and minerals.
  • Silo volumes of 700 or 1800 litres,
  • Silos discharge into WB500 weigh bin.
  • Silos painted or in stainless steel.
  • Static weighing accuracy +/- 100g.

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