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The company Damas A/S from Denmark is a name synonymous with grain and seed cleaning, they were formed way back in 1863 and became part of the SKIOLD group more recently. As a worldwide supplier to the grain cleaner and seed market, SKIOLD Damas has a complete product programme of equipment, making them able to provide anything from single machines up to the design and build of turn-key plants.

  • Larger capacity machines for large farm & commercial operations
  • Sealed design with minimal dust emissions
  • Oscillating cleaning 2x screens on Uniseed,
  • 4x screens on Duoseed model
  • Can be used for Pre-cleaning or fine cleaning
  • Cleaning capacity of up to 60 tph
  • Multiple screen choices

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  • Universal machine for pre-cleaning & fine cleaning
  • Two models for 20 & 40tph capacities
  • 5 or 10m² screen areas
  • Quick change from pre-cleaning to fine cleaning
  • Screen cleaning with special rubber balls
  • Compact design
  • Built in light
  • Industrial specification
  • Universal machine for pre-cleaning & fine cleaning
  • Capacities from 90-300tph pre-cleaning
  • 9 - 40m² screen areas
  • Available with or without air recycling systems
  • Screen cleaning with special rubber balls
  • Compact design
  • Variable speed control as standard
  • Industrial specification
  • High capacity cleaning & grading machine
  • Capacities from 45-220tph
  • Used for malting barley grading
  • Popular in flour mills
  • Excellent at removing Mycotoxins
  • Totally enclosed so quiet & dust-free
  • Modern compact design
  • Unique rotary motion and polishing effect
  • Proven design, thousands sold worldwide
  • It is very difficult to describe the operation of a Sigma cleaner - watch a video here
  • For the removal of dust, chaff and other impurities
  • Simple and rugged construction
  • 10 Models from 80-300tph
  • Special models for grass seed cleaning
  • Self-cleaning and low noise
  • Proven design, thousands sold worldwide
  • Four standard layouts including re-cycling ability
  • Comprehensive range of accessories, cyclones, fans etc
  • The original and still the best

The Royal Colour Sorter series uses high resolution CCD cameras to identify impurities in grain or seed materials. Royal Sorters can recognize and separate very small particles of e.g. glass, plastic, stone and even fragments of rice.

  • Double CCD high resolution cameras for better detection
  • Touch screen control system
  • LED illumination for customising colour
  • A range of 5 models, 1 – 12tph capacity
  • Compact design
  • State of the art image processing
  • Designed for precise separation of grain & seed by length
  • Four models from 4 - 20tph
  • Designed for industrial operation
  • Can be connected to aspirator for dust free use
  • 6 or 12m² screen areas
  • Possibility of sampling
  • Proven industrial concept
  • Used to separate products with different specific weights
  • Four models from 2 – 15tph
  • Industrial and rugged construction
  • Optional computer control
  • Optional dust hood
  • Optional vibration feeder
  • Easy and user friendly change of deck
  • SKIOLD DAMAS Halmu Straw separator
  • SKIOLD DAMAS Kiban Clipper / De-awner
  • SKIOLD DAMAS Hambo Scarifier for separating seeds from the flower heads
  • SKIOLD DAMAS Conbi V combination seed cleaning plant
  • SKIOLD DAMAS Lofco Aspirator with built in air re-cycling system
  • Contact us for more information on any of the above machines

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