• Grain Pumps (Chain Loops) and VersaloopsGrain Pumps (Chain Loops) and VersaloopsGrain Pumps (Chain Loops) and VersaloopsGrain Pumps (Chain Loops) and VersaloopsGrain Pumps (Chain Loops) and Versaloops

Speeding up and easing grain handling is ever more important today with the capacity of modern day Combine Harvesters, to meet this challenge the Grain Pump system which was developed in the USA over 40 years ago and offers a rugged, reliable and simple closed loop design to move grain into, between or out-load silos using just one motor drive. It can also be used to fill and empty floor stores as well.

At the heart of the system is a very heavy duty chain and paddle inside heavy duty galvanized tubes which work around a four corner system.

Diameters are 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” & 16” (160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm & 400mm)

Systems can be combined with the latest JEMA dry pit intake systems and DMC silo stirrer machines to give fast and simple in-bin drying, allow for a speedy turnaround of trailers and reduce the amount of man-power needed at the farm during harvest time.

  • Capacities range from 60 to 480 tonne per hour!
  • Agricultural and Commercial versions available
  • Gentle and efficient handling of grain
  • UHMW paddles reduce friction
  • System can be easily extended
  • Versatile system that also offers re-circulation
  • Can be used for wet and dry grain
  • Drive over intakes or pits
  • Optional electric discharge gates
  • Heavy duty sweep auger system
  • Designed for new or existing silos or stores

The Versaloop or Double Run is system using the same renowned main Grain Pump components but with special drive and inlet ends to make a simple conveyor system that has a 4-5 times longer life span than an auger and needs less structural support than a conveyor.

  • Gentle and efficient handling of grain
  • UHMW paddles eliminate steel to steel contact
  • Can be used in angles up to 60 degrees
  • 40-270 tph capacities
  • Low maintenance direct drives
  • Heavy gauge galvanized tubing
  • Optional system with 90 degree bend

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