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The Danagri Grain Thrower is a machine designed to assist full filling of floor stores by sending the grain up to 8m in height and up to 25m distance and it can be used for all cereal crops including Oil Seed Rape. The height of the throw can also be easily adjusted by a tilt arm and the manufacturers claim that this enables customers to get an extra 10-15% in their store. One great advantage with the grain thrower is that grain does not get compacted like when using a grain pusher and this allows easier and better ventilation through the crop.

There are three models available with capacities from 100 to 170 m3/hr (approximately 75 to 120tph in wheat), they are electrically driven through a choice of 11.0, 18.5 or 22kw motors and come complete with star delta starter.

The machine is very compact and measures less than 1.4m x 1.4m x 1.13m high. From the inlet hopper, a feed regulating drum drops grain down on to rubber belt which then ‘throws’ the grain to the required spots.

This machine has been manufactured and sold for several years with over 600 machines made to date.

  • Fully galvanized with outlet slides
  • Built in Pallet fork tine slots
  • Comes with jockey wheels
  • Adjustable height
  • T1 hopper is 2.95m wide
  • T2 hopper is 3.20m wide
  • Side & rear extension sides

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