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We offer a large range of equipment for drying and aerating grain on floor from Drive over laterals to all sizes of fans, heaters and stirrers. Each customer has different demands and needs for the equipment, whether it be to dry & store grain at 14% or aerate and keep grain ready for milling, whatever the need, we have the answer.

  • Suitable for both drying & aeration
  • Slotted or perforated covers
  • Welded frame or riveted choc bars
  • Available on 0.5 or 1.0m lengths
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Galvanized troughs available for use in concrete
  • Uses include wood chip & Oil Seed Rape
  • Accessories include doors, extraction fans, end plates
  • Galvanized semi- circular ducts
  • Suitable for both aeration and drying
  • Fully perforated or closed top versions
  • Versions available for Potatoes & Onions
  • Large air flow for quick drying
  • Easy to set out, stack and store
  • Each duct is 900mm long
  • Accessories include gates & connectors
  • Available for drive over or above floor laterals
  • Can be a central tunnel or on side of wall
  • Side or back wall versions with sloping top
  • Usually minimum 800mm wide to allow access
  • Many different heights available
  • Agricultural and commercial versions available
  • Accessories include doors & ladders
  • Stirring system for all combinable crops Wheat, Barley, OSR, Oats, etc along with Wood Chip / Pellets
  • Lowers static air pressure in the crop allowing even air flow through and mixes the grains for even moisture
  • Ideal as a retro-fit or new build installations
  • 2 Auger, 4 Auger or 6 Auger models available
  • For stores up to 16m wide
  • Breaks up crusts & removes hotspots
  • Proven on farms for over 30 years
  • Manufactured in the UK including the control panel
  • Watch Video Here
  • Centrifugal fans for greater efficiency
  • Finned tube coiled heat exchanger
  • Many different fan – exchanger combinations
  • 100-1000kw, 5 -50hp
  • Built to individual requirements
  • Optional frame mounting
  • Quiet & reliable
  • Centrifugal or Axial Fans
  • Painted or Galvanized finish
  • 2 – 37kw (3hp – 50hp) sizes
  • Optional Duplex Piggy back fan system
  • Optional downstream gas heaters
  • High efficiency impellors
  • Rugged all steel construction
  • 0.25 - 2.2kw painted fans, low volume for silos
  • Single or Three phase electric motors
  • 2 -5.5kw Mobile galvanized models with wheels
  • Direct drive, high performance impellors
  • Quiet running
  • Optional outlets with flex hose
  • Low energy consumption

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Our team of experts here at Danagri-3S are always on hand should you have any questions regarding our grain equipment or what we can do for you & your business.

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