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SKIOLD offer two options of Self-Cleaning Filters primarily for the reduction of dust after a mill or in elevator & conveyor systems. They suck clean air through the filter mediums and then a timed reverse jet of air blows back through the cartridge to loosen material back into the auger or conveyor below, they are extremely effective.

These filters can be incorporated into most plants and also remove moist air that can encourage bacterial and fungal growth. They are compact in design and can be used in a horizontal or vertical layout. Each filter is delivered with suction fan, pressure regulator and filter cartridge(s), we also offer an option of different connectors, controllers and timers. Exhaust ducting can be added to each machine, Ø100mm diameter on the type 300 and Ø150mm diameter on the type AF/C.

  • Comes with series of fittings for mounting on conveyors elevators etc.
  • 0.75kW 3-phase fan motor.
  • Single Ø300mm filter.
  • Recommended airflow 300m³/hour
  • Area of filtration 3m²
  • Needs 4-6 bar compressed air feed for self-cleaning.
  • Comes with series of fittings for mounting on conveyors elevators etc.
  • 1.1kW 3-phase fan motor
  • 4 x Ø144mm filter
  • Recommended airflow 1250m³/hour
  • Area of filtration 12m²
  • Needs 4-6 bar compressed air feed for self-cleaning.

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