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The hammer mill is the beating heart of any straw processing plant and its specification is the vital consideration when sizing a plant. With proven processing abilities of up to 12 tones per hour on a single machine the Cormall range of straw mills are un-challenged in the industry.

The HDH range of mills have a suck and blow action to pull the straw in and distribute it around the sizing screen. Standard screen sizes range from 5mm to 75mm but the real benefit of our hammer mill is the way it breaks open the straw to make it become more absorbent. 

The range starts with the HDH-770 hammer mill which has been the flagship machine for over 30 years, it comes with motor options from 22 kW up to 55 kW and is usually used in plants for up to 3tph capacity

The mid range mill is the HDH-1000 which can handle material up to 6 tones per hour and comes with  motor options of 55 to 90 kW.

Then there is our big beast, the conservatively named Large Straw Mill (LSM) for serious production power. These mills are available in three different widths, with motors that range between 132 kW & 450 kW and the machines weighing in at between 4.5 – 6 tonnes.

Each machine has 6 very easy to change cassette screens and a simple inlet / outlet changeover that allows you to run both clockwise and anti-clockwise to make best use of the hammers and reducing the number of times these need changing

As with any mill, the target size for the final chop length greatly affects the choice of mill and for any of our mills we stock milling screens from 6mm to 60mm as standard. However we can manufacture other screen sizes to suit any requirement.

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