• Grain round silos, ladders, platforms and catwalksGrain round silos, ladders, platforms and catwalksGrain round silos, ladders, platforms and catwalksGrain round silos, ladders, platforms and catwalksGrain round silos, ladders, platforms and catwalks

GSI high Res 640 x 420 1Danagri-3S offers the extensive range of GSI round silos in a multitude of capacities from 50 tonnes to 35,000 tonnes, and sizes ranging from 15' to 135' in diameter. Silos are available with or without external stiffeners and each silo can be customised to individual needs with regard to vents, external ladders, internal ladders, roof ladders, catwalks, doors, grain spreaders, drying floors and emptying equipment. Indoor and outdoor versions of silos are available.

We have hundreds of silo installations up and down the country with many different ways of filling, emptying, some with stirrers and drying floors, some as storage only. Contact us for more details.

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  • GSI are the world’s largest manufacturer of Grain Silos
  • Galvanized on top of high tensile steel for long life
  • JS500 coated nuts, bolts and sealing washers
  • Roof panels with high joining ribs for extra strength
  • Huge range of diameters and heights
  • Comes with tall access door and peak access hatch
  • An Asset Protection System for your harvest!
  • Internal ladders
  • Spiral staircases
  • Vertical ladders with safety cages
  • Roof ladders
  • Peak walk-arounds for the tops of silos
  • Eaves access platforms
  • Catwalks & Towers
  • Help provide air flow through grain to assist drying
  • Help disperse air when filling
  • Vents have grills or flaps to prevent bird access
  • Special high mount vents for larger silos
  • Powered roof exhausters

When filling any silo, it is important to try and spread the grain out evenly for several reasons:-

  • It helps give a complete fill
  • It assists more even drying, cooling and aeration
  • It stops dust and chaff from forming a central column

We offer four types of Grain Spreader:

  • Conical Grain Spreader
  • Farm Gravity Flow Spreaders
  • Powered Grain Spreaders
  • Agri-dry Commercial Gravity Flow Spreaders
  • Drying or aeration floors assist grain conditioning,
  • Available for Grain or small seeds like Oil Seed Rape
  • Silo drying floors cover the full diameter of the silo.
  • Fully galvanized plank style floors
  • Support frames and struts are galvanized
  • Optional plenum clean out doors
  • Simple carry-in sweep auger for smaller farm bins
  • Direct drive Power-sweep with intermediate wells
  • Sweeps available in 150, 200, 250 & 300mm diameter
  • Unload speeds of up to150 tonnes/hour.
  • External power heads are available in three formats:
  • Horizontal, 25° incline or Vertical.
  • Commercial sweeps of up to 400tph
  • Power-sweeps are the modern method of unloading silos without any shovelling
  • Levalert mechanical bin level indicator
  • Simple to install and use on all sorts of silos
  • LevALERT® can sense most granular bulk solids
  • Typical uses include:
    - Grains, Feeds, Pellets, Fertilizers
    - Minerals, Cement Powders, Sand
  • Can have electric sensor added
  • Indicator shows bright yellow when product is in silo, black when empty
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Need help with selecting new grain equipment?

Our team of experts here at Danagri-3S are always on hand should you have any questions regarding our grain equipment or what we can do for you & your business.

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