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Hampshire Feeding Systems is the trading name of the liquid feeding pig division of Danagri-3s Limited.

The World of Liquid Feeding

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Our aim is to supply systems that are simple to operate but enable the animal to reach it’s maximum potential in comfortable surroundings using self-developed equipment that is designed for longevity.

Established in 1976 Hampshire Feeding Systems has a global presence with customers in Japan, Australia, Canada, Europe as well as the United Kingdom.

Our experienced sales department offers advice and solutions from project inception to installation and after care support. From our base in Bridgnorth, Shropshire we carry an extensive range of spare parts to support our systems.

Pig Production

Hampshire Feeding Systems can provide solutions for all types of pig production from breeding to rearing and then finishing. Our systems are bespoke and therefore can be tailored specifically to project requirements.

The System Basics

The system begins with a feed tank mounted on three weigh cells. Liquid and dry feed are added to the tank in pre-determined portions. A pipeline from the feed tank runs around the pig houses and returns to the feed tank. In each pig pen there is a feeding trough. An automatic valve is fitted off the pipeline onto each trough.

Pig House

Feed Tanks

A feed pump within the tank pumps the feed around the pipeline. As each valve is opened the feed trough in the pig pen is filled. Once the correct amount of feed has been delivered the valve is closed. Once all the pigs have been fed the system shuts down.

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