• Jema Dry PitJema Dry PitJema Dry PitJema Dry PitJema Dry Pit

Our dealers in North Lincolnshire, Peacock & Binnington Ltd have recently supplied a large 6m x 3m x 2.73m deep Jema Dry intake pit.

jema dry pitThis new installation can hold up to 21 tonnes of wheat within the pit and with the extension sides above floor level, this can be increased to over 30 tonnes.

The Jema T49 conveyor in the pit can move grain away at up to 100tph and in this case it is feeding a Hutchinson Grain Pump. The big advantage with a Jema Dry Pit is that it has an access section under the pit to allow servicing of the conveyor, plus the pit and conveyor are suspended above the hopper floor to keep them away from any water or damp.

The Peacock & Binnington installation team have also made a sliding cover over the top of the intake pit walls to keep rainwater away when the pit is not in use.

Further details on Jema dry pits can be found  by  Clicking Here



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