• Level Floor Intake systemsLevel Floor Intake systemsLevel Floor Intake systemsLevel Floor Intake systemsLevel Floor Intake systems
  • Capacities from 25 – 1000tph
  • Top of conveyor is level with concrete floor
  • Conveyors can be up to 28m long
  • Reliable gear motor drives
  • Galvanized casings
  • Horizontal, angled or 90 degree bends
  • Agricultural and commercial options
  • Heavy duty chains

These are increasingly popular where under-floor pits cannot be used for water table reasons. Each site we go to is different, but you can see from the photographs that we can adapt our equipment to suit all projects. The top of the intake conveyor is placed at level floor height and this can be made in anything up to 28 metres in length according to the strength and capacity of the intake conveyor.

This enables farmers or mills to put in a conveyor and level floor pit large enough to accept a full trailer or lorry, be able to dump the complete load and go.

The conveyor then empties the pit and a sensor can turn the conveyor off when the pit is empty. Once the angle of repose grain is reached, you will then need to push grain with a forklift.

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