• Flour Mills and Flour milling plantsFlour Mills and Flour milling plantsFlour Mills and Flour milling plantsFlour Mills and Flour milling plantsFlour Mills and Flour milling plants

There is nothing better than organic and sustainable products made on a Stone Grinding Mill where all essential vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibers are kept and utilized. ENGSKO specialize in these solutions, where the organic and sustainable approach is the primary focus.

The ENGSKO Mill Stones are at the heart of the system and consist of high-quality materials such as flint and emery.

The ENGSKO Grind-master Stone Grinding Mill is the essential machine in our plants giving a high quality stone ground flour.

The ENGSKO MHA Discmill is a higher capacity mill and can be used to break the grain before grinding to fine flour on the Grind-master Stone Mill, thereby reaching a higher capacity

Our Grinding Mill Plant Technology can handle an hourly intake capacity from 80 kg up to 2.000 kg of fine ground product such as Wheat, Maize, Quinoa, Sorghum, Spices, Coffee etc. We can also offer and design larger plants upon specific request.

We also offer a complete range of other machines and accessories to complete the plant like Mixers, Sifters, Conveyors, Packaging equipment etc.

With an ENGSKO traditional Stone Grinding Mill Plant, you will receive several advantages, both product and business wise:

  • Healthy Nutrition & Diet
  • Value Adding to your business
  • 100% utilization of your product
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Low Start-up costs for Sustainable & Organic Milling

From Organic Coffee at your favourite Coffee Shop to Nutritious Biscuits handed out in Refugee Camps, ENGSKO has been involved both as supplier and advisor in many projects. Their list of satisfied customers is long and both Stand-Alone Grinding Mills & Mill Stones as well as Grinding Mill Plants have been installed and commissioned throughout the world to both private customers and various organizations.

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Our team of experts here at Danagri-3S are always on hand should you have any questions regarding our feed mill systems or what we can do for you & your business.

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